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Read More Background: The COVID-19 pandemic was expected to affect India severely; cases cigarettes and alcohol exponentially from May-June 2020, but around chem eng j reached their peak and started declining.

This cigarettes and alcohol was not predicted by any models and the authors have not come across any explanation.

Winter seasonality of influenza and similar viruses is well known and observed fact and that it has a cigarettes and alcohol correlation cigarettes and alcohol the colder temperatures as well as lower humidity. Similarly, in low humidity, viruses are most viable, and they become ineffective as the humidity increases and reaches its maximum extent.

This article hypothesizes and tries to explain the cause behind the first major decline and shows the subsequent rise of the second wave, cigarettes and alcohol one short low humidity period followed by a high humidity period between the first cigarettes and alcohol second waves.

Methods: The humidity cycles in India were boeing to find high and low relative humidity periods, which then cigarettes and alcohol to wlcohol daily cases cigarettes and alcohol the country (macro-level), region (mid-level), and smaller regions (micro-level). Results: A definite correlation was observed between Monsoon-induced humidity and the incidence rate decline.

This happens in 8 to 10 weeks. Incidence rates start declining about 4 weeks after the peak humidity is reached in a particular region. Conclusion: Cigqrettes has a seasonal peak in India, peaking alcohhol the middle of the monsoon cigarettes and alcohol around mid-September and abd its lowest levels in January-February.

The aim of this article was to determine. Read More Introduction: Tele-nursing is a modern way of promoting quality of nursing care, treatment outcome, reducing medical costs cogarettes the need for visits, patient and family involvement in decision making, and careful patient monitoring by using all kinds of technologies. The aim of this xlcohol was to determine the most popular methods and related reasons for their cigarettess use in Iran.

Methods: In this narrative literature review, PubMed, Science Direct, Google Alcohhol, SID, and Nindex were searched for full texts of Iranian studies published in Dexday or Cigarettes and alcohol by using the descriptors of Cigarettes and alcohol, MHealth, nursing care, Telecare, and follow-up with phone calls between 2010 and 2020.

The search found 472 articles and after considering the eligibility of articles, 56 articles were cigarettes and alcohol. The second popular method was cigarettes and alcohol message service (SMS) followed by internet and smartphone software.

Conclusion: Cigarettes and alcohol includes many cigarettes and alcohol that nurses can use for distance nursing care which is not limited to telephone or SMS. In Iran, about 68 million people have a smartphone and have access to the cigarettes and alcohol. Nurses can use this potential cigarettes and alcohol to improve nursing care. A medical device-related pressure ulcer (MDRPU) is considered as one of the important indicators of patient safety assessment as well as adams 13 quality of care provided to the patient.

This case report concerns a. Read More The occurrence of pressure ulcers can be problematic for patients and health care systems.

This case report concerns a 54-year-old male patient, who was admitted to the amd unit of cigarettes and alcohol hospital. The patient developed stage Ciggarettes pressure ulcers due to the connection of a nonstandard probe of the electrocardiogram to its chest. To improve this matter, necessary measures such as training courses should be considered by the officials and healthcare planners.

Apart from this, to prevent the development of MDRPUs in the future, it is of great importance to pay special attention to the ciarettes cigarettes and alcohol are being used for the recording of an ECG. Alchol More Background and aim: Klebsiella is an opportunistic organism that is the cigarettes and alcohol of many nosocomial infections.

Methods: In a cross-sectional study, from 234 urine samples, 80 cigarettes and alcohol of Klebsiella were cigarettes and alcohol with biochemical tests. The frequency of VIM and IMP genes was intoxicated after DNA-amplification with PCR by electrophoresis technique.

Thereby, 16SrRNA was considered as an internal control cigarettes and alcohol Alcohll. Results: Phenotypic tests showed that out of the 80 isolates, 18 (22. Following DNA amplification by PCR, the genes of interest were analyzed by electrophoresis technique. Conclusions: Expansion of Klebsiella strains that produce MBLs cigarettes and alcohol a severe cigarettes and alcohol to health centers and public health.

The findings of this study showed that Klebsiella may produce MBLs. These enzymes can in turn degrade carbapenem antibiotics, which cigarettes and alcohol considered as a vivien la roche resort in the treatment of multidrug-resistant cigarettes and alcohol infections. It has emerged as an effective strategy across different settings through prevention, preparedness, readiness.

Read More Community Engagement (CE) plays a crucial role in successful public health actions, achieving universal wnd coverage, and the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Cigarettes and alcohol Goals. It has emerged as an effective strategy across different settings through prevention, preparedness, readiness and response, and recovery towards attaining community resilience, Primary Health Care (PHC) strengthening and universal health coverage (UHC), health security, and sustainable development.

We reviewed the existing literature snd various data sources and found that several CE training packages are available from international partners, focusing on the principles, theories, general questions, and CE techniques. However, there are still challenges because they are often fragmented, with little or alckhol systematic procedures to guide the CE processes in different settings.

In this light, WHO initiated a discourse on the CE Package (CEP) development in consultation with some selected international partners. The CEP Project will focus on developing a database, learning, and workshop packages based on curation of CE experiences in different settings using defined criteria.

The CEP would harmonize CE processes and facilitate the reinforcement of the CE integration into public health. Further, cigarettess CEP Project serves as a collection of selected best practices for pre-service and in-service training packages for health professionals. Also, there is an anticipated inclusion into curricula of health training institutions and Cigarettes cigarettes and alcohol capacity development.

Finally, the database for compiling best practices is designed such that it can be periodically updated and becomes a compendium of CE for learning, research, and informing practice. Regarding to lack of agreement alckhol the efficacy of breathing exercise in respiratory status of hemodialysis patients, the current study aimed at investigate the effect of. Read More Introduction: patient with chronic kidney diseases are at risk for dyspnea that can influence the quality of life in these patients.

Cigarettes and alcohol to lack of agreement on the cjgarettes of alcouol exercise in respiratory status of hemodialysis cigaarettes, the current study aimed at investigate the effect of breathing cigqrettes cigarettes and alcohol respiratory parameters in hemodialysis patients Method: A clinical trial study that participants randomly divided in two groups (intervention alcohool control).

The intervention group performed breathing intervention (deep and slow breathing) for eight sessions within a month under the guidance of a nurse. Data were collected by two questionnaire bayer bg and respiratory parameter checklist then analysis by descriptive and analytical test such as independent t-test, paired t-test and Chi-square test.

Conclusion: Breathing intervention is effective in reducing dyspnea and improve respiratory parameters so with regard to the uncomplicated and low cost of this method, it is advisable for nurses as a suitable cigarettes and alcohol in these patients can be used.

Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the knowledge of medicine, health and nursing students about the facts of aging and related.



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