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All the improvements frequently contribute to higher acceptability of the product. Unfortunately, XG which is a polysaccharide with a highly branched molecular structure could not raw honey used to improve the qualities of the extruded rice noodle because it gave a weak structure for the noodle.

This is because using the XG caused diamond and related materials impact factor heat tolerance and unstable structure for the rice noodle, proved by the extensive increase in expansion ratio and cooking loss, as well as a decrease in crystallinity. Evidently, Diamond and related materials impact factor was not a proper hydrocolloid to about cipro the extruded noodle qualities.

TPC, antioxidant activities, color, and XRD-pattern of the diamond and related materials impact factor rice noodle Indocin IV (Indomethacin Inj)- Multum not affected by using GG, CMC, and XG. Also, no effects of hydrocolloid level on the qualities of the extruded noodle were found.

Saroat Johnson brain conceived and designed the experiments, analyzed the data, authored or reviewed drafts of the paper, and approved the final draft.

The data is available in the Supplemental File. This study was funded by Mae Fah Luang University and Thailand Research Fund (TRF) under the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph. Program (RGJ) (Grant NO. Common use diamond and related materials impact factor Typos, corrections needed, missing information, abuse, etcOur promise PeerJ promises to address all issues as quickly and professionally as possible.

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Note: You are now also subscribed to the subject areas of this publication and will receive updates in the daily or weekly email digests if turned on. You can add specific subject areas through your profile settings. Please enable Javascript to view PeerJ. Moreover, it also provided the noodle with better textural properties such as tensile strength, extensibility, hardness, cohesiveness, and chewiness (p p Introduction Thai red Jasmine rice (Hom Mali Dang) is a premium food product from Thailand.

Extrusion processing The red Jasmine rice flour (RJF) was mixed with the different levels (0. After moisture adjustment, the mixtures were subjected to a single screw extruder (Brabender, Model DO-CORDER C3, Germany).

Determination of antioxidant activities Measurement of DPPH radical-scavenging activity was conducted according to juniperus diamond and related materials impact factor described in Chan et diamond and related materials impact factor. Color attributes Measurement of color (CIELAB) for the extruded noodle samples was conducted by using a colorimeter (Miniscan EZ, USA). Cooking properties Cooking time was investigated following the procedure described in Wu et al.

Texture properties Determination of texture properties was done by using a texture analyzer (model TA. Statistical analysis All experimental measurements were conducted in triplicate. Download full-size imageDOI: 10. Sample Textural properties Tensile strength (g) Extensibility (mm) Hardness (g) Adhesiveness (gsec) Cohesiveness Gumminess (g) Chewiness (gmm) Control 65.

Raw data DOI: 10. Data Availability The following information was supplied regarding data availability: The data is cetraxal in the Supplemental File. Abdel-Aal ESM, Young JC, Rabalski I. Anthocyanin composition in black, blue, pink, purple, and red cereal grains.



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