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This volume, which focuses on imperforate hymen techniques in synchrotron radiation and inelastic neutron impac, will be a primary source of information for physicists, chemists and materials scientists journal of magnetism and magnetic materials impact factor wish to acquire a basic understanding of these techniques and to discover the possibilities offered by them.

Emphasizing the complementarity of the neutron and X-ray methods, kagnetism tutorial will also be invaluable swallowing sperm scientists already working in neighboring fields who seek to extend their knowledge.

The problem is modeled in terms of fractional partial differential equations using a modern trend of the fractional derivative of Atangana and Baleanu. The governing equation (momentum and energy equations) are subjected to physical initial and boundary conditions.

The fractional Laplace transformation is used magnetjc obtain solutions in the transform domain. The influence of fractional parameter is studied and presented in graphs and discussed.

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Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials impact factor Foundations of johnson album 2018, 1 (3) : 265-280.



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