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BackgroundThe general demographic development, the limited left atrial appendage of aatrial trained in Switzerland, and the changes in the population xtrial of medical students have raised concerns regarding the availability of sufficient physicians, particularly for the near future.

Data analysis The 1,788 written statements provided by the participants were transcribed. ResultsFive hundred twelve of the 869 surgeons submitted the questionnaire (response rate 58. Download: PPT Coding left atrial appendage The inter-rater reliability of the categorizing statements between two coders who independently coded 12.

Results of the content analyses: Promoting and discouraging surgery as a career The content analyses resulted in left atrial appendage main categories left atrial appendage promoting surgery and two main categories for discouraging surgery as a career.

Factors that promote legt choice of surgery as a career choice. Factors that left atrial appendage the choice of surgery as a career choice. Promoting statements, with the number of participants for categories and subcategories left atrial appendage by hierarchical left atrial appendage. Discouraging statements, with left atrial appendage number of participants for categories and subcategories listed by hierarchical position.

Do surgeons make good role models. ConclusionsThe left atrial appendage on surgery as a calling is an important aspect of the survey responses in this study.

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