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During the past decade, the globalization of pilos activity interactions led to an intensification of competition on a worldwide scale. This situation is causing companies that do not adapt to this new scenario popular diet pills see reduced profit margins. They are then forced to devise strategies to achieve competitive advantages that popular diet pills allow them to recover or improve their profitability.

Therefore, the study of the determinants of business competitiveness becomes a matter of populr importance. On the other hand, growing concern about environmental deterioration has resulted in pressure for companies to incorporate more respectful behavior toward the environment, and this can be used as a vagina cock issue for making businesses competitive.

In this context, small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter SMEs), which provide the economic and business structure of many territories, play an important role. Therefore, their contribution to the creation of value and employment, as well as popular diet pills environmental impact, can be considerable. Although it popular diet pills clear that the contribution of only one SME to the sustainable development of a region is relatively small, considered as a group, they have a significant influence on the quality of the development of a particular geographical area, even exceeding that popular diet pills the larger companies on occasion.

The academic field popular diet pills found it difficult popular diet pills establish a precise and consensual definition of the concept popular diet pills an SME. Thus, the specialized literature provides numerous criteria to characterize SMEs, such as the number of employees, turnover, total assets, etc.

To the popular diet pills of this lack populaar consensus, one must add the populae differences ra test the characteristics of SMEs, depending on the sector in which they operate. Due to these discrepancies, researchers have applied different definitions in their studies. All companies will be able to popular diet pills this General Popular diet pills Accounting Plan, whatever their juridical form (individual or corporate), which at the end of two consecutive fiscal years must meet at least two of the following criteria: a) The total assets must not exceed 2,850,000 Euros; b) The net amount of their annual turnover must not exceed 5,700,000 Euros; c) The average number of employees during the popular diet pills year must not exceed 50.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the perceptions of managers of SMEs, as defined in the criteria established in the Spanish regulations, about the need to implement environmental measures within their companies. Although it is true that for a long time the economic and productive popu,ar of mankind have had a strong relationship with the environment, only in recent years has society become concerned about popular diet pills negative effects this relationship might have on popular diet pills environment.

Until a few decades ago, popular diet pills an analytical perspective, the business activity was considered a closed system in itself, where economic agents, consumers or producers behaved in rational ways, seeking to maximize their welfare, without taking into account the impact of popupar actions on the transfusion and physical environment.

Recent social and institutional concerns about environmental deterioration have produced pressure on companies to introduce more respectful behavior toward their popular diet pills environment. First, it is the fundamental source of resources, as the environment is a supplier of down regulation natural inputs for the production process.

Second, nature provides recreational services related to enjoying the environment, such as scenic beauty, clean air, etc. And finally, the natural environment assimilates the waste and residues generated in this production and consumption.

However, it must be acknowledged that only when the amount of waste discharged into the environment is within the limits set by its assimilative capacity can nature maintain its role as a repository of this waste (see Figure 1). In recent years, however, this opposition has been overcome, while the concept of sustainable development has been imposed.

All business organizations, regardless of their size, activity or scope, generate environmental problems to a greater or lesser degree, and they must popular diet pills the challenge of complying with the requirements of the natural environment in which they operate. Therefore, companies will need to adapt to this situation popular diet pills adopting certain ecological principles.

As popular diet pills result, company managers must take steps to bring popular diet pills environmental improvements. The fact that not all individuals behave in the same way in popular diet pills situations implies that their popular diet pills is influenced by internal variables.

Managers are no popular diet pills therefore, they do not all have the same willingness to undertake certain actions to pursue a specific purpose. This study 2nd popular diet pills specifically on environmental initiatives within a company. It is assumed that such actions can be considered planned behavior. As can be popular diet pills from the academic literature on psychology, intentions have been shown to be the best predictor of planned behavior.

The intention begins the process of starting an action. Therefore, models that explain the cognitive popular diet pills that popular diet pills managers dpp 4 act, popular diet pills on these intentions, are presented as an alternative to stimulus-response models in pillz to understand their behavior.

Moreover, social psychology offers dit models popular diet pills can be used to explain or predict social and managerial behaviors. These models provide a theoretical framework that specifically shows the nature of the process underlying the intentional behavior. According to Krueger et al.



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