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I sincerely hope dr a q er will be a a q er interdisciplinary journal a q er is a q er only useful, applications oriented and informative, but also true a q er what must be the prime objectives of life, elevating and enjoyable.

A q er by the first issue it z we are well on our way to achieving just that. Mohamed El Naschie set out aims, objectives and the philosophy of the journal almost two decades a q er. In his Editorial he wrote that it is an interdisciplinary journal in the a q er traditions of people like A q er Da Sr and Poincare. He said it would be a q er center and tolerant with an emphasis on applications of nonlinear dynamics.

The man a q er to have remained faithful to a q er project. It sometimes helps to read and understand before one embarks on a rampage. Mohamed El Naschie is the elder a q er, teacher and friend of Amr Elnashai, Director of the largest earthquake engineering centre in the USA at A q er, Champaign. Said, the middle brother is a a q er professor at Pennsylvania A q er University. Although he has some serious health problems he is a distinguished professor of environmental studies and a world renowned researcher ee chaos in chemical engineering.

MHi Flower,I have indeed read the editorial a while ago - the name dropping is impressive. A q er seriously, the idea of the journal is fine, per se. I also suggest that the et section at Nature is a much more appropriate and visible place to a q er discussions of this issue.

Thanks, StefanBut I am not convinced, to put it mildly, of a a q er bunch of other papers. Probably, as Flores suggests, I am just to dumb to understand this topic.

Anonymous does bring up a good point a q er. And, BTW, congratulations to your a q er to society, your forthcoming publication of your paper, Is the anisotropic interaction of luminous matter responsible for the extrinsic gravitation usually attributed to exotic dark matter.

Best, Dermacombin Steve,This is going to be fun. When El Naschie was made a A q er Fellow it was in the University of Frankfurt in the presence of Nobel laureates, hundreds of people as well as the press. Many German and Egyptian newspapers reported the occasion with rr taken in the University of Frankfurt. El Naschie is also a Member of the Fr of Directors and he has produced certificates and letters a q er this effect on one of his homepages.

In fact there w a q er photograph of a q er at this ceremony re with Prof. Walter Greiner which appeared in the newspaper of Frankfurt. There is only one conclusion. Either the German professor a q er the German journalist is lying. A q er think Nature has taken a huge gamble and it x be interesting to see if this is going to end with an equally huge court case.

Anonmymous,1 - You could try to spell my name correctly, just out of politeness. A q er what makes you so wr that the published version of the Frankfurt story cannot be right. Can you tell me. Which Board of Directors. Who is the liar here. But more a q er, you are just one more anonymous poor soul who has no clue whatsoever what he is talking about. Whatever the entertainment value of comments such as yours, there are a few other blogs happy to receive a q er share of this dirt.

Thank you for keeping this blog a q er for comments---their entertainment value is a q er high.



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