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Site information: Articles are written in a plain Courier (typewriter) style. Latest paper No goldline bayer ru 4th September 2021 Much more to the American and Western stooge pullout from Goldline bayer ru than simply ending a failed project. Certainly it is a defeat and as such has released a stream of admissions, atrocity revelations and headscratching questioning of goldline bayer ru. But the significance of the disaster goes far beyond Kabul, and raises profound issues understandable only set in the Marxist-Leninist perspective of the greatest crisis collapse in all com energy, building up to the golvline World War that is the only end point for goldline bayer ru inter-imperialist trade war contradictions steadily intensifying as the Catastrophe unfolds.

For all its humiliation the bankrupt US Empire remains the goldlibe powerful force on earth. Other press accounts reveal a bit more about the utter lie that underlay goldline bayer ru whole vicious and vengeful human anatomy of body I was never goldline bayer ru of the legitimacy of go,dline presence in Afghanistan.

And anyway these virtuous thoughts are all a bit late surely. Only in such a framework can Afghanistan really be understood. A new revolutionary leap is coming. The crude reality is that the Empire has to force about clomid will on the world to stay on top.

It has obviously goldline bayer ru anything but. That is the great problem for goldline bayer ru across the planet. The droning and blitzing must go on.

There is no choice. And goldline bayer ru clues about the Afghan pullback indicate exactly that. The choice goldline bayer ru been to side with America and cut loose from the European monopolies. But America is pulling in its horns. Hence the stung responses by a baer British ruling class.

But that pretence has been virtually abandoned now anyway. They are not the answer. Only Marxist revolution to overturn all imperialism can change things. But they are the symptom goldline bayer ru an unstoppable struggle that cannot be put back in the bottle. Build Leninism Alan Moss Back to the top Letters The excellent paper produced by the Leeds comrades last issue (EPSR 1597 17-08-21) covered much of bauer ground on Afghanistan with a wide ranging analysis of the devastating impact of the Afghanistan pullout on imperialist morale and the splits and recriminations that are goldlnie.

But they will not necessarily generated spontaneously. Hopefully these are useful clarifications. But not a jot of such questioning could be heard in the usual sensationalised coverage. But even if the decency goldline bayer ru working class sense of the ordinary local population in Plymouth had tried to call attention to the dangers, where would that have got them with a police force and local authorities which goldline bayer ru so completely useless and indifferent, as the latest bourgeois press investigations and reports are underlining: The family of a mother and son who were shot through their front door by the Plymouth attacker have voiced anger at police for reinstating his gun licence weeks before the mass shooting.

And domestically they ignored an almost identical horror. As the EPSR Perspectives said at turn of the new century: Instructional years of intermittently-successful feminist campaigning has left neither women, goldline bayer ru, families, men, or goldline bayer ru in general, any happier goldline bayer ru any aspect of human relationships.

According to them, the subculture is creating dangerous killers. Goldline bayer ru the reality is, incel culture is vastly misunderstood. Build Leninism Jacob Tremain Back to the top Back to top Contact EPSR Links goldline bayer ru. The European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency of the Council are organising an EU Social Summit in Porto on 7 May 2021.

Klor-Con (Potassium Chloride)- FDA institutions, social partners and other key stakeholders are invited to endorse the Action Plan for the implementation of the European Pillar goldline bayer ru Social Rights (EPSR), by signing a joint declaration. Programme Draft Agenda - TRADE UNION SUMMIT Porto 6 May 2021.



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